This isn't about me, it's about you. But we will be spending a good bit of time together, so I figure I should introduce myself.

behind the camera

I'm JoAnn, the face behind this business! I'm a wedding & elopement photographer + educator based in St. George, UT and serving worldwide.

This isn't just a job to me - I truly believe it's what I was called to do. Capturing fleeting moments and turning them into tangible, everlasting memories to look back on forever is my passion. Any photographer can take pretty pictures, but I want more than that for you. I want your entire experience to be amazing, from the moment you come across my work to long after your photos are delivered. My mission is to serve you to the best of my abilities and create an atmosphere where you are free to unapologetically be yourselves.

More than just a vendor

professional sunset chaser, light seeker & storyteller

I believe finding the right photographer for your big day should be a top priority because you only get one shot on your wedding day. There are no redos. And those moments are too important to risk not being documented in a way that will allow you to travel back each time you look at them and feel those same emotions again and again.

Although I value your experience over everything, I also know the importance of the photos. I mean, they're your memories. They're the things you're going to look back on to reminisce 50 years into your relationship and pass down to your children & grandchildren to remember you by. That's big.

I realize that my art form is for you - not me. It's a service based art. These are your moments, your memories, and I'm just lucky enough to be able to capture them for you.

To encourage couples to be themselves,                          by creating an atmosphere where they don't feel                to fall into trends, traditions or expectations so that they can be intentional in celebrating their love                    .

My Why

To encourage couples to be themselves,                          by creating an atmosphere where they don't feel                         to fall into trends, traditions or expectations so that they can be intentional in celebrating their love



above all else

...the driving force
behind what i do

I'm a big advocate for doing things your own way. I'm not a fan of forcing things that don't feel natural to you just because you feel like that's what you're "supposed to do."

Throughout my years photographing weddings, I've witnessed a lot of unhappy couples who compromised what they wanted because they were following traditions and meeting expectations, so I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. I believe you should protect the day you say your vows to each other. 

nice to meet you
get to know me

When I'm not working, you'll probably find me traveling, playing guitar, camping, or spending time with my husband & our little animal family. They have my whole heart.

A few things that make me happy: spending time with Jesus, watching sunrises, trying new beers, roaming the desert, geeking out over Marvel movies, loving on puppy dogs, visiting new national parks, jamming to Taylor Swift, drinking hot chai in the morning, making The Office references, & cozying up next to a fire pit.

A Peek Inside My Life

My Travels

I value experiences over things. I believe that when we get to the end of our lives, material things will only weigh us down, but a life filled with great experiences with those we love is what will make us rich. Time is our most valuable resource in life so I prioritize filling it with things that bring me joy.

Traveling is one of those things for me. Not only does it bring me joy personally, it's also where I find a lot of my inspiration for my photography. I think there's something really magical about exploring and seeing new parts of the world, and when I get to combine that with my passion for photography, my heart shines. Give me a camera, a couple madly in love and a gorgeous landscape and that's my heaven.

I think there's power in the little details. Pictures of things that bring back memories that otherwise would've been lost had it not been captured. I'm here to not only capture the beautiful stuff, but also the unposed, candid, real stuff too. The stuff that brings you right back. It's little snippets here & there that, when put together, make up an entire story.

I don't think every photo has to be "picture perfect." Imperfections exist in real life, and that's what I'm here to capture. The belly laughs, the windblown hair, the goofy faces, the goosebumps. Life is crazy and wild and fun, and your photos should reflect that! Photography isn't about pretending to be something you're not, it's about capturing who you are.

My Philosophy

unposed, candid, imperfect
"She pours her heart into every session."
- Madeline

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Then what are you waiting for?
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