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Your personalized one-on-one mentor session that's catered to exactly what you want to learn and where you are in your photography journey

Mentor Sessions

For the brave photographer who is ready to invest in their business and take it to the next level.

Or the aspiring photographer who has a camera and a passion and is ready to begin this journey.

Man there's a lot that goes into it. Whether it's gear, camera settings, nailing the shot, posing & directing your clients, finding time to get creative, I've got you.

By now I'm sure you've learned that being a photographer is so much more than just taking pictures. We'll chat client onboarding + offboarding, backup processes, software, programs & tools to make your life easier, etc.

Finding your style is hard and takes time. I get it. (Trust me, I've spent over a thousand dollars on presets throughout the years). Let's sit down at the computer and tackle this together.

It doesn't matter if you can take the most beautiful photos in the world if your marketing strategy isn't bringing in the clients. We'll cover branding, websites, pricing,  Instagram, getting the bookings you want, etc.

Mentoring Topics

The beauty of booking a mentor session is that we can talk about any of your specific pain points and areas of focus. We don't have to stick with these topics, but they're a great starting point if you're unsure of where to begin.

Other topics we can cover

- becoming legal
- contracts
- pricing
- taxes
- finances / money mindset
- client guides & questionnaires
- attracting your ideal client
- emails & client communication
- work life balance
- cultivating community
- traveling for work
- location scouting
- portfolio review
- website critique
- lightroom & photoshop
- CRMs
- making wedding timelines
- how to get creative on wedding day

"JoAnn is the epitome of community over competition. When I was brand new to photography, she was more than willing to help me get started in shooting weddings. We met for coffee and talked for hours about everything - she held nothing back!! She allowed me to assist and shoot to build my portfolio, helped me create well thought out wedding day timelines, give advice with editing, running a business, and all the in-betweens!

You should absolutely RUN to sign up for her mentoring, because not only is she an excellent teacher to level up your photog game, but a great friend to encourage and lift you up in times of need!!"

-Lindsey Hollingsworth

"I first saw JoAnn’s Photography when I got my first camera at the age of 18. Ever since then, I have looked up to JoAnn. She is what I aspired to be. She still is! She is the epitome of community over competition. I walked into our mentor session anxious about taking the jump and doing photography full time while feeling in the dark about so many things photography, but JOANN! JoAnn encouraged and reassured me while answering all the questions. Not only did I walk away feeling like I “found the light”, she also made sure to show me the things that would make my life easier as a photographer. I know that when I walk into the photography world full force, I will be ready because of my time with JoAnn. I truly feel as though I not only walked away with an amazing mentor, but also a friend that will always support and root me on. If you are even remotely thinking of booking a mentor session, DO IT!! This is an investment that will totally change your photography game.”

-Laura Beth Williams

"Before my session, I was anxious as always but I knew JoAnn was the best and I was about to learn a TON. Which is exactly what happened. She sent a questionnaire to help prepare my thoughts and concerns. I told her the areas I had problems with and she went IN-DEPTH, explaining as much as she could to help me reach MY specific goals. I could tell that she cares about me and my business and wants to see me succeed. She didn't hold back AT ALL and showed me SO MANY tips and tricks to achieve what I wanted. The information I learned is going to be a GAME CHANGER for my process, my editing, and my overall business. If ANYONE is wanting to level up their photography business, or struggling with ANYTHING AT ALL, then DO NOT hesitate to book a mentor session with JoANN! Best decision EVER!"

-Marlana Dolan


for the

After the shoot, we’ll grab dinner, talk about the session, review your photos, and dive into some editing. We can talk all things post-processing, backup processes, helping you find your editing style, etc.!


I’ll organize a photoshoot with a real couple/senior/whatever you want to shoot. You’ll get to observe how I get to know them, get them comfortable in front of the camera, shoot and direct them, all while asking me anything you want.

You can shoot alongside me, takeover and shoot by yourself, or simply observe. We'll go at whatever pace you want. We can experiment with different lighting scenarios (direct sunlight, backlighting, etc.)

1 Hour Photoshoot

We'll sit down at a local coffee shop and dive into anything you want to cover! Pick my brain for two hours - nothing off limits!

2 hour in-person chat

The All Day Experience

Read about

2 Hour in-person chat at a coffee shop
Discussion of your business goals + how to practically achieve them
Q&A time - nothing off limits
Website/portfolio review + editing help

Two Hour In-Person Session

IN PERSON — $450

2 Hour video call
Discussion of your business goals + how to practically achieve them
Q&A time - nothing off limits
Website/portfolio review

Two Hour Virtual Session

VIRTUAL — $400

1 Hour video call
Discussion of your business goals + how to practically achieve them
Q&A time - nothing off limits

One Hour Virtual Session 

VIRTUAL — $300

Mentor Session Packages

2 Hour in-person chat at a coffee shop
1 Hour photoshoot
2 Hour wind-down over dinner to review + edit

All-Day Experience

IN PERSON — $1500

Make your dream a reality
you may be wondering about some things

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we sit down to chat, I'll send a questionnaire for you to fill out. This will help me know how to best serve you during our time together + prep some resources for you. Other than that, just show up ready to learn!

The full amount is due upon booking. I'll email you an invoice where you can make the payment online!

You get to pick! I'll ask you what you envision for the shoot & what you want to get out of it, and I'll put everything together. Whether you're wanting to shoot a couple, senior, creative portrait session, in-home session, you just let me know and I'll make it happen!

We'll go to a local coffee shop in the Columbus/Starkville/Tupelo area. If you're farther away and prefer me to come to you, I'll send you my availability and travel rates. I'm always down to travel!

FaceTime or Zoom!

Sure! If you want to add more time, you have the option to do so either before the mentor session or at the end if you want to keep going!

Ready to do the dang thing?

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