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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

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I started fresh out of high school in 2014! I’ve been full time since 2018.

I grew up in Mississippi and started my photography business there! I moved to southern Utah in June 2023, however I do still come back to MS to visit and do still take on sessions and weddings there!

If you're in MS and are interested in booking with me, please still reach out! I'm always looking for an excuse to travel back home!
For MS weddings: I cover my flights so there’s no travel fee to get me to there. From there, I offer free travel for locations within a 60 mile radius of Caledonia, MS. For locations outside of that, my travel fee is $0.55/mile roundtrip. Lodging rates may apply to locations 2+ hours away.
For MS sessions: You can book a session on a date I’ll already be in MS to avoid airfare fees. You can find my travel schedule here!

I mainly focus on couples, weddings & elopements since that's where my passion lies. I think everyone deserves to have a photographer that is passionate about what they’re shooting to ensure the best overall experience and outcome. I do occasionally book high school senior sessions, branding sessions, maternity sessions & family sessions.

It's totally normal to feel uncomfortable in front of the camera! 90% of my clients tell me they’re awkward. My approach to photography is super informal and laid back, and I like to give prompts instead of poses to help keep your mind off the camera. As long as you trust me to work my magic and just focus on each other, the rest will fall into place!

The passion behind what I do is capturing real, authentic moments, and I want you to be able to look back on these photos years from now and see yourselves. With that said, I keep my retouching to a minimum (including basic touchups like removing pimples, scratches, bruises, flyaways, etc.)

I've developed a workflow that allows me to capture the day in a seamless & authentic way, so a photo checklist will hinder that creative process. Instead, I'll have you tell me which moments are most important to you so I can be sure to emphasize those!

Yes! While I'm not a wedding or elopement planner, I still love to help in any way I can! Whether that's sending vendor recommendations, creating a custom timeline, helping you choose color schemes, giving input on setups, helping you get necessary permits, etc. I've shot over 100 weddings in my career so I know them like the back of my hand and could chat wedding things all day! I’m an open book and will help in any way I can.

No. I may run a promotion occasionally, but my pricing is firm.

Of course!! I just ask two things: please no editing the photos and please tag me!

Definitely! My business is licensed & insured.

The Logistics

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For sessions:
- Locations within a 150 mile radius of Washington, UT: free travel
- Drivable locations 150+ miles from Washington, UT: $0.55/mile roundtrip
- Locations requiring airfare: please inquire for a custom travel quote, or check out my travel schedule to book a session with discounted travel!

For weddings & elopements:
- Locations within a 150 mile radius of Washington, UT: free travel
- Drivable locations 150+ miles from Washington, UT: $0.55/mile roundtrip
- Locations requiring airfare: I have separate pricing for out of state locations and cover all my travel so there’s no travel fees!

For sessions, a $150 retainer is due at booking, and the remaining balance is due one week prior to the session. For weddings, a $1500 retainer is due at booking and the remaining balance is due one month prior to the wedding. For elopements, a $1200 retainer is due at booking and the remaining balance is due one month prior to the elopement.

My turnaround time is 2-8 weeks for sessions and 4-12 weeks for weddings. I try my best to get them back to you as soon as possible because I know you’re excited to see them! But I also make sure I have enough time to do a good job and am not rushing through the edits. Editing is half the magic!

If you give me notice at least 3 weeks prior that you need to reschedule, your retainer can be applied to a new date and a rescheduling fee will apply. If you give me notice less than 3 weeks prior, a new retainer will need to be put down for the new date. If you need to cancel, the retainer will be forfeited.

The ONLY reason I wouldn’t be able to make it to your wedding is in the case of severe illness, death, etc. If this happened to be the case, I’d call in an associate shooter that I trust & has a similar shooting style as me to photograph your wedding day. I would still edit the photos and still be your photographer in every other sense of the word other than physically being there! If that option didn’t work out then I would issue a complete refund.

1000% YES! I have two main cameras, plus one backup camera. I also have my main lenses, plus backups for those as well, so if something were to happen and I had to use my backup gear, it would be shot in the same style and have the same quality. I also bring extra batteries, memory cards, flashes, etc. so I'm prepared for any situation!

I take every precaution I can to protect your images! Each picture I take is saved onto two memory cards, so there is automatically a backup being made as I'm shooting in case of a card corruption. After the shoot/wedding, I backup every image to three different external hard drives (one of these is then put in a fireproof & waterproof safe) and an online cloud. Even then, I still don't delete the images from the memory card until they've been delivered to you. This way, there are always about 5-6 copies of your images in multiple different places.

If the weather forecast is calling for 50% chance of rain or higher (or unsafe conditions like severe weather, etc.) we can reschedule with no rescheduling fee since the weather is totally out of our control. If the chance of rain is under 50%, I encourage you to embrace it and roll with whatever mother nature throws at us! Some of my favorite pictures were taken with a chance of rain in the forecast!

For the Zion, Moab & Lake Powell areas, I’ll send you a location guide that will have lots of options to choose from! For other areas, we’ll work together to figure out the perfect location. If you don't have a general area in mind and are open to going anywhere, ask me about my bucket list location guide! It’s full of locations I’m dying to shoot at with discounted travel fees.

This depends on when you’re wanting to have your session. If you want to shoot in fall or spring, I recommend booking 3-4 months in advance. During slower seasons (summer and winter months) I have more availability so you might be able to book as close as a couple of weeks out. For weddings, my calendar starts filling up 8-15 months out.

The Tangibles

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I don’t like to place a limit on how many pictures I deliver because every wedding/session is unique and I’m not going to withhold any good images from you to keep it within a certain number. I believe in quality over quantity. On average though, most mini sessions range between 25-75 images, full sessions range between 100-200 images, and adventure sessions range between 150-300 images. For weddings, it depends on the hours of coverage, how large the wedding is, etc. Typically most average size weddings range between 600-900 images.

No, I edit every image that turns out and is up to my standards! I believe that these are your memories and you hired me to document them, so I won’t withhold anything from you.

No. I believe an unedited image is an unfinished image, and my editing is a HUGE part of my art and half of the magic!

Of course! I know you’re excited to see them! I’ll send you a few sneak peeks within 24-72 hours. In addition to that, for weddings & elopements, I’ll send you a Preview Gallery with around 100 sneak peeks from throughout the day about a week or so after the wedding.

I’ll send you an email with a link to your online gallery where you can download all your images in high resolution! The gallery will be password protected and you'll have an unlimited amount of downloads. You can also share the link with friends & family for easy viewing & sharing.

Yes! You'll be able to order prints directly through your online gallery. I offer anything from small prints, large prints, canvases, framed prints, thank-you cards, save-the-dates, photo albums, etc. I use a professional printing lab so the quality is top notch while still affordable.